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A rustic wooden shed on stilts containing a kiln and other tools, displayed in a gallery..

Will Shannon: The Closet Craftsman

Kiln House

Will Shannnon

Jewellery shaped like simple black birds.


Migrating Birds range

Black enamelled sparrow series. Priced £15-22.

Fabric printed with a line drawing of Birmingham buidings stretched over an embroidery hoop with red stitching.

Shelanu - Birmingham Souvenir

Embroidery trial

Testing embroidery techniques.

A collage of painted, cut, stitched and folded paper. The motifs; dots, lines and patches of colour are inspired by old maps.

Field Notes

The Moore Field II

Matthew Harris The motifs; dots, lines and patches of colour are inspired by old maps denoting roads and fields.


Working With


In:Site Festival hide

Opportunity: New Graduates at In:Site 2014
  • Open to new 2014 graduates and post graduates only.
  • Up to 15 commission opportunities.
  • £150 commission fee will be paid to each successful proposal
  • Travel expenses paid *
  • Limited materials budget.**
  • 20,000 people pass through the park each day
  • Each commission to be allocated a day slot for installation during the festival.
  • Elements of the artwork can be prepared in advance but artists must include a strong element of the making process in the installation.
  • All artworks must be left on show for the duration of the festival and over the following weekend.
  • Artworks will be removed on Monday 15th September 2014 by Craftspace.
  • No artwork can be returned unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Proposal packs will be available to download from here early June 2014
  • For more info contact Stuart
  • Deadline for submitting proposals is Sunday 20th July 2014

* 2nd class rail – if you choose to travel by car we will reimburse at 26p per mile or the equivalent of a second class rail fair – whichever is cheapest.

** materials budget will be calculated once all travel expenses have been allocated

Supporting artists to make and showcase contemporary crafts, work collaboratively and develop their practice.

Our touring exhibitions enable artists to develop new work and raise their profile nationally. Projects linked to exhibitions offer artists an opportunity to push the boundaries of their practice.

Our work was well displayed with well written and stimulating text. Seeing quality craft is always stimulating, but the educational and contextualising analysis made it so much more rewarding. I felt as if I'd been given an in-depth view of how our work fits into the current British craft scene.

Tilla Waters, Artist featured in Made in the Middle


Our education and community projects enable artists to explore making processes and engage with diverse people. These residencies offer artists new perspectives on their work through collaboration.  

We broker partnerships in, for example, health or business settings, which offer artists new markets for their work.

The way the project evolved and the unknown territory it explored was a unique experience.

Ruth Spaak, Artist, Treasure Boxes Early Years project

The support from Craftspace and well constructed framework of the action research project was invaluable. The budget enabled us to be experimental and ambitious with ideas and materials. I am convinced that work produced with critical awareness and clarity of intention provides a means of fertile and stimulating debate with a public audience.

Kate Paxman, Artist, The Meeting of Hands and Hearts project for SELF exhibition

Career development

We work in partnership with others to support artists’ career development, for example through symposia, professional networks and voluntary placements.

See Pushing Boundaries.


Supporting artists to make and showcase contemporary crafts, work collaboratively and develop their practice.

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