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A rustic wooden shed on stilts containing a kiln and other tools, displayed in a gallery..

Will Shannon: The Closet Craftsman

Kiln House

Will Shannnon

Jewellery shaped like simple black birds.


Migrating Birds range

Black enamelled sparrow series. Priced £15-22.

Fabric printed with a line drawing of Birmingham buidings stretched over an embroidery hoop with red stitching.

Shelanu - Birmingham Souvenir

Embroidery trial

Testing embroidery techniques.

A collage of painted, cut, stitched and folded paper. The motifs; dots, lines and patches of colour are inspired by old maps.

Field Notes

The Moore Field II

Matthew Harris The motifs; dots, lines and patches of colour are inspired by old maps denoting roads and fields.


About Us

Craftspace: who we are

Craftspace is a crafts development organisation.

We work to push boundaries and perceptions of crafts practice, presentation and learning.

We build relationships between artists, people and organisations

Our ideas explore crafts in diverse social and cultural settings

We work with others nationally and internationally

We do this through a programme of touring exhibitions, research and participatory projects.

We have over 20 years experience and continue to be open to new and thought provoking ways of working.

More about us

Our work is supportive and developmental, enabling the sharing of skills and  knowledge.  

Each project is bespoke. Artists, participants and partners are involved in planning, development, collaboration, documentation and reflection.

We also undertake consultancy to develop and facilitate arts related commissions and initiatives.


Deirdre Figueiredo comments on our successful inclusion in the Arts Council England National Portfolio 2015-18:

“We are pleased to be one of the 670 organisations who were successful in applying to be an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation from 2015 to 2018.
Craftspace is an award winning organisation, pioneering approaches to engaging a diverse public with world class contemporary craft. Sustained investment over the next four years will enable us to develop the craft sector, lever in further funds to provide opportunities for artists to produce ambitious new work and engage a wide range of audiences to participate in making.
In relation to our public engagement work, we are particularly interested in the themes of social justice, social innovation and ways in which craft can contribute to the strengthening and progression of civil society.
It will no doubt continue to be a challenging fundraising climate for the arts sector. Whilst it has been good news for Craftspace, we are sad that many excellent arts organisations with whom we collaborate will not receive funding from ACE and we hope that they will find a way to sustain their activities.”

Charity details

Craftspace is a non profit distributing company limited by guarantee, not having a share capital and registered in England No. 2492368, Craftspace is registered as an Educational Charity No. 1001237


Developing people, ideas and opportunities through contemporary craft.

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